Art Expo
India 2009
25 Sep. - 27 Sep.

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Why Exhibit at the Art Expo India 2009?

  1. The Indian Art market is estimated to be around two thousand crores and has the potential of doubling this value annually given the number of wealthy Indians in India, N.R.I’s and P.I.O’s. Art Expo will reach out to these potential buyers in the most scientific and systematic method.
  2. Right from 2001 / 2002 the market for Indian Art has grown at 25% per year.However, 2006 / 2007 / 2008 witnessed an unprecedented boom. Art Expo India 2009 will be another market booster.
  3. It will bring in a lot of first time buyers and give the participants an opportunity to make new contacts with many first time potential buyers.
  4. It will also be an opportunity to re-establish old contacts. No Collector or Connoisseur of Art would miss this event.
  5. Mumbai is the Financial Capital of India and also quite naturally India’s biggest art market. It has more high networth individuals than any other city in our country and this makes it imperative for every Art Dealer to be present at Art Expo India 2009.
  6. This is the ideal place to network with Buyers, Sellers and other Service Providers to the Art sector.
  7. Everyone who has anything to do with Art will be there.
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