Art Expo
India 2009
25 Sep. - 27 Sep.

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Indian art is slowly but surely becoming a crucial component of an alternate investment portfolio. This shift of strategy is largely being driven by the fact that Indian art is drawing attention and valuation that it thoroughly deserves.

Contemporary Indian art is gaining prominence worldwide. So it is not mere coincidence that Art Expo India has emerged as among the most prestigious art events to showcase Indian art for collectors and art lovers worldwide. It is among the most important art event in India, a cultural highlight for the country.

Art Expo India 2009 Dates: 25September - 27September is a perfect platform for launching Indian art in the international arena with meticulous selection of top galleries and well-conceived program of special exhibitions, seminars and other events.

Buying art is now much easier thanks to the fact that the art market has certainly become more matured and more transparent. The whole process of buying art has become more ‘democratic’, so to say. It can be invigorating, educative and exciting.

From investment perspective, Indian art market offers good scope for appreciation in value at this juncture! So, it’s the perfect time to diversify your investment portfolio, and make art a part of it. It is bound to be the most precious possession a few years later!

Thanks to Art Expo, vibrant vistas of Indian Contemporary Art will soon open for you.